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trenbolone enanthate side effects

The mechanism of action of the drug is to bind factor VIIa to release the tissue factor. The resulting complex activates factor IX to form active factor IXa and factor X to form active factor Xa, which leads to a small amount of primary conversion of prothrombin to thrombin. Thrombin activates platelets and factors V and VIII in the damage zone and by converting fibrinogen into fibrin provides trenbolone enanthate side effects a haemostatic plug formation. The preparation of pharmacological dosages NovoSeven directly, regardless of tissue factor, activates factor X on the surface of activated platelets in the localized zone of damage. This leads to the formation of thrombin from prothrombin in large amounts independent of tissue factor. Thus, the pharmacodynamic effect of factor VIIa is to strengthen local education factor Xa, thrombin and fibrin. Theoretically, we can not completely eliminate the risk of systemic activation of the coagulation of blood in patients suffering trenbolone enanthate from diseases predisposing to the development of DIC. Coagulation activity of Factor VII in plasma was analyzed before and 24 hours after administration of NovoSeven drug. Pharmacokinetics NovoSeven a single administration at a dose of 17.5, 35 and 70 mg per kg body weight linear bore. Mean apparent volume of distribution at steady state and in the hatching phase amounted to 106 and 122 ml / kg in terms of bleeding out, and 103 and 121 ml / kg for bleeding.

Factor VII deficiency Pharmacokinetics NovoSeven a single administration at a dose of 15 and 30 micrograms per kg body weight had no significant differences in dose-independent parameters common clearance (70,8-79,1 ml / hr x kg), volume of distribution at steady state (280-290 ml / kg), the average residence time in the plasma (3.75 – 3.80 hrs) and half-life (2.82 – 3.11 hrs). The average in vivo plasma recovery was approximately 20%.

Glantsmana thrombasthenia of NovoSeven in patients with thrombasthenia Glantsmana, has trenbolone enanthate side effects not been studied, but it is assumed that it is similar to the pharmacokinetics of the drug in patients with hemophilia A and B

Indications for use:

NovoSeven is used to stop bleeding and prevent bleeding during surgery and invasive procedures in the following patient groups:

  • Patients with hereditary hemophilia titer inhibitors of coagulation factors VIII or IX> 5BE
  • Patients with hereditary hemophilia expected immune response to infusion of factor VIII or factor IX on the basis of history
  • In patients with acquired haemophilia
  • In patients with congenital Factor VII deficiency
  • Patients trombastenii Glantsmana the presence of antibodies to the glycoprotein IIb-IIIa and refractory (in the present or in the past) to platelet transfusions.


Known hypersensitivity to the active ingredient, excipients, or to proteins of mice, hamsters or cows can be a contraindication to the appointment of the drug NovoSeven

Dosage and administration:

Inhibitory hemophilia A or B, or acquired haemophilia Dose shown the earliest possible introduction of NovoSeven drug after the onset of bleeding. The recommended starting dose administered intravenously is 90 mg per kg body weight of the patient. After the first injection administration of NovoSeven drug can be repeated. The duration of treatment and the interval between doses of the drug are determined by the severity of the bleeding, or the nature of invasive procedures / surgery frequency of dosing every 2-3 hours to achieve hemostasis. If there are indications for further treatment after the bleeding stops, the intervals between doses of the drug can be successively increased to 4, 6, 8 or 12 hours for the duration of the treatment according to the testimony.

Bleeding mild to moderate severity (including out-patient treatment) has been shown that early administration of the drug at a dose of 90 mg per kg of body weight in the outpatient setting can effectively control bleeding mild to moderate in the joints, muscles, skin and mucous membranes. To provide hemostasis dose administered 1-3 with 3-hour intervals to maintain the effect of administered dose of NovoSeven another drug. The duration of ambulatory treatment should not exceed 24 hours.

Severe bleeding recommended starting dose is 90 mg per kg of body weight and can be administered during their transportation to the hospital where the patient is usually treated. The circuit further therapy depends on the type and severity of bleeding. At the beginning of the treatment drug is administered every two hours until clinical improvement. If there is evidence to continue the therapy intervals between doses of the drug may be increased to 3 hours for 1-2 days. Subsequently, the intervals between doses of the drug can be increased to 4, 6, 8 or 12 hours for the duration of the treatment according to the testimony. The duration of treatment of heavy bleeding may be 2-3 weeks or longer if clinically indicated.

Invasive intervention / surgical operation immediately before the intervention is administered an initial dose of 90 mg per kg body weight of the patient. The second dose is given over 2 hours, and then the drug is administered from 2-3 hour intervals during the first 24-48 hours, depending on ongoing clinical intervention and the patient’s condition. When trenbolone enanthate side effects large operations treatment lasts 6-7 days, 2-4 hour intervals between doses. In carrying out the treatment over the next 2 weeks intervals between doses of the drug may be increased up to 6 to 8 hours. The total duration of the drug after major surgery may be 2-3 weeks until healing.

Factor VII deficiency dosage range of doses and the interval between administrations Recommended doses for stopping bleeding and prevention of bleeding during surgery or invasive procedures is 15-30 mg per kg body weight. The drug is administered every 4-6 hours to achieve hemostasis. The dosage and frequency of administration are specified individually

Thrombasthenia Glantsmana dosage range of doses and the interval between doses recommended dose for bleeding control and prevention of bleeding during surgery or invasive procedures is 90 micrograms (80-120 mg) per kg body weight. The drug is administered every 2 hours (1.5-2.5 hours). To ensure stable hemostasis requires a minimum of three doses. It recommended intravenous bolus injection method, because it can fall under drip effectiveness of the drug. Patients with thrombasthenia refractory Glantsmana without the drug of choice is a platelet.

Side effects

Based on experience with the drug in clinical practice side effects are rare (<1 1000 standard doses). In the analysis of organs and organ systems following the frequency of adverse events rates were obtained, including serious and non-serious reactions:

Violations of the blood and lymphatic system Very rare (<1/10000) revealed several cases of bleeding disorders, such as increased D-dimer and coagulopathy accumulation of patients with increased risk of disseminated intravascular coagulation (see section “Special warnings and special precautions”) subject to strict surveillance with laboratory control.

Violations of the heart is very rare (<1/10000). Myocardial infarction:. See below under “Serious side effects in clinical practice”

Gastrointestinal disorders Very rare (<1/10000). Described several cases of nausea

General disorders and administration in the area of rare (> 1/10000, <1/1000). There are cases of lack of efficacy (reduction of therapeutic effect). It is necessary that the appointment scheme NovoSeven drug to correspond to the modes trenbolone enanthate side effects described in the section “Dosage”. Very rare (<1/10000), possible fever. Also, in very rare cases, there is pain (especially at the injection site). Running low dose t3 clen cycle trying to lose bodyfat isn’t a real hot idea imo. buy anabolic steroids bodybuilder arnold buy tramadol dnp bodybuilding